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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for santa rosa upper 30s there. today's nice, we have rainfall and a lot in the forecast. i'll time out three systems in moments. >> we have three trucks here. it's pretty light so far for fremont. that's what it is around the bay. we'll look at slowing in livermore. >> let's take a live look outside. beautiful span of the bay bridge. you can see folks making their way across. it's monday, march 24th, this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. seven people are in the hospital this morning after a fight broke out in san francisco. this happened last night near turk and taylor streets in the tenderloin. christie smith is live at san francisco general with what police are saying about the shooting. good morning to you, christie. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, peggy. it's amazing that seven people were shot and none of their injuries are life threatening. all of them taken to sf general hospital with injuries to their arms, legs, extremities. what police are telling us is that this started as a fight between several people in the tenderloin district last night, and at some point that fight escalated, someone pulled out a gun and opened fire. one witness described a chaotic scene having heard 18 shots possibly more. the intersection was shut down at turk and taylor for some time. police tried to investigate and question potential witnesses. >> just as a matter of course we follow up and canvas for witnesses and external video sources. >> reporter: san francisco police have not yet released suspect information or what the relationship was between those seven people who were shot.
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of course they are asking more witnesses who may have seen anything to contact san francisco police. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> breaking news out of one of the busiest airports, 32 people are being treated for minor injuries this morning after a commuter train derailed outside chicago-o'hare international airport. it happened just before 3:00 this morning as it was pulling into the o'hare station. passengers said the train climbed over the last stop, jumped on the sidewalk and went up the stairs and escalator. >> it's a wreck. ain't nothing going to move out of that station today period. that train it's going to take a while to get that train off that escalator. >> train service outside the airport has been suspended but buses are being used to get passengers to and from the terminals. a ship could reach debris spotted throating in the indian ocean. the pilot of an australian plane
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spotted those objects close to detected lost remains of the airliner. good morning, bob. >> this is significant because this is the closest any ships have been to retrieving possible debris from malaysia flight 370 which has been missing for 17 days now. this morning a royal australian p-3 spotted what they say was a gray or green circular object, and another rectangular object. the hmas success is en route, could be picking up items. keep in mind the sun is about to go down so it might not be until tomorrow morning. this is happening about 1600 miles southwest of perth, australia. that's the bottom center of your screen there. those two items should be noted are different from the two large floating objects and small white ones spotted earlier by chinese military aircraft.
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this morning new information about another object that was spotted days ago by a commercial aircraft. you might remember that wooden palate with the straps and belts. hours ago malaysia's transportation minister said there were palates but it's possible one fell off a cargo ship. i believe you are looking at video from a new zealand krarkt, and the united states are involved. they are trying to find these possible pieces of evidence looking out a plane window at 200 feet above the surface. not very easy. >> 200 miles an hour the world is whistling past and you're looking for an object in the white caps of the waves. >> it's disappointing we didn't find anything. >> over the weekend a chinese satellite spotted a large object in the southern indian ocean. 74 by 43 feet. it is in the general search area and recently a french satellite spotted debris in the same
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vicinity. raising hopes that searchers will soon be able to retrieve something. peggy. >> thank you so much, bob. >> search and rescue teams take to the air in helicopters and to the ground on foot to look for any one who might still be alive days after a deadly mudslide north of seattle. overnight crews pulled four bodies from the mud bringing the total to eight. several others were hurt b. a dozen are still missing. on saturday a wall of mud came crashing down on the town of oso, washington destoying 30 homes and burying a square mile of land. in places the mud is 60 feet deep. >> the former owners of a preschool will stand trial for swaddling babies too tightly. there is enough to charge the owners. the state shut down the preschool last march after the two women were accused of wrapping the infants so tightly it impaired breathing.
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they will be in court next month to set a trial date. >> pg&e will speed up plans to upgrade a controversial pipe line. crews will start work on line about 147 later this year. rather than waiting two years to do the upgrades as previously planned. most of the work will happen on a bend in the line that is near the edmunds road. the san mateo council will review the plan and send a letter out to customers and hold a commute meeting. the work will also determine the safest operating pressure for the line which has been an issue of contention between the city and the utility ever since pg&e documents revealed that line could lead to another, quote, san bruno situation. a controversial 7/11 will be shut down after a fight with the city of san mateo. city will pay the owner of the store on the corner $150,000 to
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close. in 2012, the city planners approved the store despite local concerns of an increase in crime, traffic and noise. the council reversed the decision in 2013 but the store was open. 7-eleven took to the court but reached a settlement with the city. >> right now 5:07 on monday morning. meteorologist christina loren joining us with a look at the monday forecast. how are you doing? >> pretty good. you have a good weekend? >> i did. >> nice. you know, it's always nice to come back on a monday to nice conditions. we're going to hold off on the rain until tomorrow but it will likely impact your morning drive so want to make sure you're ready. san francisco showing you the beautiful clear sky, you can see all of the way to the top of the bay bridge, and as we head throughout the day today, you will notice the clouds increasing. we're mostly in the 40s, a couple of 30s in the north bay so grab a coat. you want to make sure you have something you can peel off later on. it's going to be warm, close to 80 degrees in the tri-valley. 76 for the peninsula, 76 in the south bay and 67 degrees in san
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francisco. what a beautiful day in the city yesterday. it was so clear out there, i can tell you right now those clouds are going to increase, the fog will be back by about 4:00 p.m. we're going to hold off on those showers until tomorrow morning. at that spoynt front is going to be to the north of palo alto. so as we progress by 10:00, 11:00, all of the moisture moves into the south bay. we're going to get hit between 12 and 2, and then we'll get a break before our next round of rain moves in on wednesday night. and then we tap into the atmospheric river as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. so, right now sunday's looking to be the most active. through friday these are the projections we have for you. half of an inch to an inch in the south bay. 3 inches possible up in the north bay. what i can tell you is this is not including sunday. sunday looks like we could get dumped on. we could accumulate 6 to 8 inches in a day if we tap into
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the atmospheric river. so overall we're looking pretty good. i'm going to time the systems out. let you know when you can avoid the showers. if that's something you like to dodge. if you got anywhere to go mike is here. good morning. >> good morning. dodge, ford, mercedes, whatever you got we'll cover you. we're look over to palo alto which is a free drive now. and no problems around the bay. let me show you what you expect i guess for the most part things developing starting to get more traffic flow. but nothing dramatic except for look at this. livermore, eastbound we had slowing, a lot of slowing registering for the last few minutes. that started to clear up. the altamont pass, out of the tracy area, reports of debris around the 580/205 merge. there was traffic held up. now it's starting to make its way back westbound across into livermore so plan for that as you head over the next 20 to 30 minutes. a smoother drive approaching the bay bridge. no problems on the maze or the
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approach to the bay bridge looks good. westbound with the taillights away from us a. smooth drive. a nice easy drive. low clouds but no problems across the bay. >> right now 5:10, nfl owners discussing major rule changes today including one that could have made a difference for the 49ers just a few months ago. >> elephants escape a circus to go on a rampage near st. louis.
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welcome back everyone. can't really make out a lot in this shot but this is from galveston bay where cleanup continues after major oil spill.
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170,000 gallons of tar-like oil spilled on saturday. oil has been found up to 12 miles into the gulf of mexico. as many as 60 ships, there you see them, currently waiting to get in or out of the bay. something we're closely keeping an eye on. it's 5:13. nfl owners start spring meeting in orlando this morning and there are more than a dozen potential rule changes on the table. one of them could have made a difference during the 49ers' last playoff loss. it would change how officials review the recovery of a loose ball, something that would have helped the 49ers during the nfc championship game. during a fourth quarter drive by seattle bowman appeared to strip the ball, however, the play was not reviewable so seattle kept possession of the ball. other potential changes include a plan to expand the playoffs to 14 teams instead of 12, leading to one more wild card game and moving the extra point back to
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the 25 yard line. some coaches feel the current extra point format is too easy and guarantees a team another point. >> first lady michelle obama and her daughters continue their tour of china this morning. take a look at the family there. at the great wall. they will check out the ancient warriors as well. this is over the weekend when the first family visited and also the forbidden city. this is michelle obama's first independent trip of the country. president obama was not with his family in china, hours ago he landed in the netherlands. the president is there for two days of meetings at the nuclear security summit but will spend most of the time talking about russia and ukraine. the western nations including the u.s. say that russia's annexation of crimea is a violation of international law. >> nokia announced the sale of
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its unit to microsoft. the $7.3 billion deal announced last fall has been approved by europe and the u.s., but the company is awaiting approval in asia. >> jimmy kimmel trying to beetle 11 degeneres' record, a selfie with the clintons. the late night show host is trying to break the record with 3.5 million retweets. now in this tweet he posted no bradley cooper but three clintons and a kimmel. i think he has a chance. it came after a saturday night interview with the famous family. kimmel has a little over 8,000 retweets. looks like a little more distance to go. hard when you have a billion for an audience like the oscars. >> that night was incredible. that's a pretty good selfie. >> it is. >> hey, good morning to you. it's 5:15 now. you know what, we have that much needed rainfall in the forecast.
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i can tell you five out of the seven days on the seven-day forecast which is now on the bottom of the screen, shows rain on the way. especially in the north bay. you've got rain and potentially some thunder as we head through tomorrow. thunderstorms are in the forecast as well. first system is going to come in, it's not packing a lot of moisture. a lot of instability. good morning to you, temperatures mostly in the 40s. 41 in the north bay, san francisco 49 and 48 degrees in the south bay. it's going to be nice today. you want to dress for the two different parts of the day. a touch cooler and the clouds increasing as we head into this afternoon. clear with a mild breeze early, as our winds start to shift they are going to be onshore. that's going to bring all of the clouds back into san francisco as of this afternoon. then as we head through tonight, yeah, we'll see the fog roll in but we're going to hold off on the showers until tomorrow morning. take a look at this. quite a bit of rainfall coming
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to the bay area. 2:30 tomorrow we're in the thick of it. the system is going to move out of here throughout thursday, a little break, but look at this, i want to widen out for you and show you the big game changer into the mix through sunday. look at that, the atmospheric river comes back, the moisture tap extends down to the hawaiian islands that means we could pick up maybe seven inches in the north bay. everything times out. our best chance for that is on sunday. we'll keep you updated. let's check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. we're not going to give the look from space but an overview for the bay area. we're showing the traffic volume starting to increase. i'm just jealous. through dublin, right there in the weather center, we have a smooth flow. good set of headlights over toward the interchange with no big issues, we look at the maps, slowing over toward the dublin, also off the grade, little blips down 84 out of pleasanton.
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there you go for the tri-valley. the south bay a nice smooth flow of traffic. we have this red in the middle. north 28 as you approach the 880/17 interchange. the connectors have had road work so the crews as they start to move cause this slowing. i'll let you know if there is anything other than that going on. what you expect on both side, 880 and 101, both directions into and out of san francisco. we'll give you live looks t bay bridge starts to show a bit of volume increase. no big deal, no problems for the east shore freeway. the north bay, the glow to the lights, moisture up there. san rafael at speeds, starting to pick up the volume. one stall but not a problem for drivers. we'll show you the orange part of the petaluma, may be fog for 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:18. northern california teenager hailed a hero this morning after
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he saved his girlfriend's life seconds before he was killed by a train. last night hundreds gathered in marysville to remember mateos moore. the 16-year-old and his girlfriend were taking a short cut to a dance when a train snuck up on them. moore pushed his girlfriend out of the way but he was hit and killed on the tracks. >> i am so grateful that she is here. but my heart is so heavy because mateos was amazing. everything i would want my daughter to have. an amazing man to love her and take care of her. >> her family is optimistic she will recover. >> the california dmv launched a precautionary investigation after a possible computer breach. there was no breach of the computer system though there was a possible breach with its online credit card processing system. the agency has opened an investigation and working with
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authorities. it says any affected customers will be notified. >> 25 years ago the exxon valdez oil tanker struck a reef in alaska pouring 11 million gallons of oil in the prince william sound. the oil spread over 1300 miles of shoreline killing hundreds of thousands of wildlife. even now the region still trying to recover. people who live in the area are still finding fresh pockets of oil. the government says some species are still trying to recover including a group of killer whales. exxon paid $900 million in a settlement in 1991 but could pay up to $100 million more if there is proof of unexpected continuing damage. >> a town outside of st. louis is cleaning up after three elephants escaped the circus. they are apparently spooked by a loud noise at the shrine circus. they made it to the parking lot you can see, stomping on a number of parked cars before workers were able to get them
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under control. people at the circus say it was a scary scene. >> we saw the other people running and we were like my god, they are escaping like what's going on. >> i called my husband like the elepha elephants, like get in the car. >> they were so upset like my gosh, our animals are running down, they were so upset and scared. >> no one was hurt t second show went on as planned. >> it's 5:21. stanford men stamped their ticket to the sweet 16.
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the san jose sharks are in calgary. if they win or even force overtime tonight they clinch their tenth consecutive playoff spot.
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the puck drops 6:00, comcast sports net california. >> the stanford women play against florida state. the winner moves on to the sweet 16. >> the stanford campus, the men are headed to the sweet 16, they knocked off number 7 seed new mexico on friday. and the number 2 seed kansas yesterday. the men play on thursday against dayton. >> the real star for stanford not on the court but on the sidelines. stanford player edward bow has been a sensation. look at this video playing the cow bell at the game. very enthusiastic. >> the stanford alumni has retweeted that image and cbs sports tweeted out. this picture with the caption insane cow bell player says hello, internet. cool. >> he is a character, i'll say that. >> want to check the forecast
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with meteorologist christina loren. you need some cow bell. >> always. more batons as well. i think the two are a great combination. good morning to you. it's monday, we're glad you're waking up with us. i get to be the bearer of good news about every day this week we are tracking showers and i can tell you today you want to get out, you want to take care of anything that you can before that rain moves in tomorrow. we'll time it out to your doorstep coming up. let's say good morning to a man who loves all things odd and bizarre, here is mike inouye. >> i am many things odd and bizarre. this is the normal slow. we love each other, that's a compliment as far as i'm concerned. the east shore freeway, westbound 80 not a problem under university avenue, we'll show you the same area on the map. though it's crowded you're at speed. in the green a little slowing west 24 coming over toward 580. no problems through those bores. a smooth flow across the bay.
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we'll call out speeds for the tri-valley, starting to see slowing out of the altamont into livermore. still smooth at the dublin interchange. there is westbound 580. in the south bay, the northbound routes in the green zone at the limit. may be cheating a little bit. so be careful. just because it's a clear roadway doesn't mean you don't have to obey those speed limits. back to you. >> you know, 5:26, unbelievable to hear this but a new scare for malaysian passengers after a flight loses power, forced to make an emergency landing. what we're learning about that. >> waiting for first light, rescue crews ready to go back to a washington community looking for possible survivors after a deadly mud slide. why people are still not safe. >> and let's take you out, get awe live picture of the beautiful bay bridge. you can see a lot of traffic there across the span. mike inouye is keeping his eye on that.
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on the sixth car of the
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train and i heard a boom. i got off the train t train was all the way up the escalator. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning after a commuter train derails and as you heard heads right up an escalator. we'll have the latest. >> and with russian troops now in crimea, president obama working with other world leaders to try to come up with a resolution. who he will meet with today. >> good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's nice and clear, it's going to be warm for today and then we're tracking major rainfall. we'll tell you if your city could accumulate inches as we head through this week coming up in your full forecast. >> we're tracking the construction which are clearing and the morning commute which is building. where the latest slowing happens. >> taking a live look outside over san jose on this monday morning, 5:29 on this march 24th, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. ships from several countries are speeding toward spots where chinese and australian planes spotted possible debris from the missing malaysian planes. bob redell joins us with the latest. he's following it for us. >> good morning. australian navy vessel in the general area, this debris sighting. you mentioned could be retrieving items. this is happening 1600 miles southwest of perth, australia right there where in the past few hours a royal australian air force p-3 spotted those objects, one is circular, green or gray, the other is orange and rectangular in shape. it's the hmas success, a navy vessel, to pick up those objects that could be possibly related to the flight 370.
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>> i caution again that we don't know whether any of these objects are from mh-370. they could be -- we are hopeful that we can recover these objects soon and that they will take us a step closer to resolving this tragic mystery. >> five countries are involved in the search tracking debris spotted by satellites and other aircraft spotted over the past few day, this includes two large pieces among smaller white objects spotted by a chinese military aircraft, also that wooden palate we heard about with the belts and straps which could have been aboard. the transportation minister confirmed that that was possibly on that airplane because they did have those but also caution that cargo ships also carry wooden palates. searchers are in a hurry to find
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any evidence to the malaysian flight 370, not only because relatives want to know but because of the black boxes if they are under water batteries only last 30 days and here we are 17 days since the disappearance. >> hope for something to come forward. thanks so much, bob. tense moments aboard another malaysia airlines flight. it had to be diverted to hong kong when its main electric generator stopped working. flight 066 left kuala lumpur headed for seoul, south korea, when it experienced the problem. malaysia airlines says the auxiliary power unit was able to supply electricity after the malfunction. the plane landed safely and all 271 passengers transferred to other planes. >> 5:32. update to breaking news as crews continue to work to remove a wrecked commuter train from the station outside chicago-o'hare's international airport. 32 people were hurt in this mess. none seriously remarkably. when the train was pulling in it
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didn't stop and slammed right into an escalator. train service has been suspended but buses are used to get passengers to and from the terminals. >> also this morning hope of finding survivors in a massive mud slide in washington state appears to be fading. crews pulled four bodies from the mud. a total of eight people have been killed, about a dozen missing. take a look at the scene when a wall of mud came crashing down on saturday, destroying about 30 homes. burying a square mile of land. in places the mud is 60 feet deep. crews reported hearing calls for help start night but could not search because of the conditions. >> mud was too thick and deep. they did not hear people -- couldn't hear signs of life once they got closer to the structure where they thought it was, so the decision based on safety was that they back out. >> officials believe heavy rainfall made the ground
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unstable and triggered the slide. >> the san jose police officer accused of raping a woman in a hotel room could enter a plea today. jeffrey grays was arrested earlier this month. investigators say he forced his way into a hotel room and raped a woman while he was on duty. hours earlier graves and other officers were called to the woman's house when she got in a fight with her husband. she wanted to spend the night at a hotel so graves dropped her off. detectives say he later returned and sexually assaulted her. >> it started as a fight in san francisco and with seven sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds. this happened last night in the tenderloin district. christie smith is live with what police are now saying about this investigation. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, peggy. that's right. seven people shot at one location, all of them taken to sf general last night being treated here. and all of them expected to survive in what san francisco police are saying is that they
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are trying to check videotape from security cameras in the tender loin neighborhood where this happened to see if that will help them unravel what went down here and might lead them to the shooter. that's what they hope. investigators tell us it began as a fight between several people near turk and taylor streets before 9:00 last night. somehow that escalated, turned into gun fire, and seven people were hit. >> injuries are not life threatening, mostly extremity wounds. no suspect information at this time. >> reporter: the intersection was shut down for quite some time while investigators searched for clues. they have not said yet exactly what their relationship was if any of the seven people. police continue to gather information. they were also reaching out to witnesses and potential witnesses and still doing that and asking any one who may know anything about this to give san
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francisco police a call. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. a nice one today but rain in our future. >> a lot of it. just about every day this week we're talking about a return of that much needed rainfall. as you know we're in a drought and we want this rain so it's a good thing. i can tell you i'm looking 15 days out and we're looking active across the board. san francisco, clear over the embarcadero t temperature is going to jump out of the 40s into the 70s about everywhere. but this is the last day of that unseasonal warmth. 67 in san francisco, 78 in the east bay, 76 degrees, perfection here in san jose. want to take through the different parts of your day. we wake up this morning and head outdoors, clear, mild breeze early. it's not too cold. pretty nice. you head throughout this afternoon the clouds will increase. the fog is going to roll in by about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon.
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onshore flow returning and then showers move in as we head through tomorrow. i want to give you a preview what our temperatures are going to do and when we are bull's eyeing the chance for rain. tomorrow only 64 degrees with rain at times starting up in the morning hours, wednesday on and off showers, thursday night we're looking active. friday a break but i can tell enthusiasm weekend looks like we are going to get hammered in parts of the bay area. i'm going to show you the forecast coming up in a few moments. right now here is our own mike inouye. >> good morning, folks. we're looking toward your own san mateo bridge. 92, look at the commute building away from us, that's your direction toward the peninsula. easy drive but you have a lot of company. the map will show you the sensors show no slowing off 880 or the 238 where you do see a little build. very early 5:37 on monday morning in the south bay, no real issues.
5:38 am
we have the orange and yellow picking up for the tri-valley. toward that dublin interchange for west 580 or 84 westbound through livermore out of pleasanton you see the slowing because of the build, slow over here. the speeds as you travel to the north bay, southbound 101, still close to the limit for the most part, slowing through san rafael and approaching the golden gate bridge. approaching the toll plaza, a live look shows you the cash lanes, the ones off of the maze are the ones slowing now. fast track moving nicely and no metering lights looking for 20 minutes for those and the patterns shift. back to the desk. >> 5:38. the latest bay area county considering a ban on e-cigarettes. >> the president in europe working on a peaceful end to the crisis in ukraine. the latest on that coming up in a live report.
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earlier this morning president obama landed in the netherlands, the first stop on a week-long trip through europe and the middle east. the top issue, the crisis in ukraine. danielle leigh live in washington with the high stakes meeting president obama is having today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to be a big diplomatic test for the president and how successful he is at rallying european allies is going to have a big impact how we handle the crisis in ukraine. president obama is in the netherlands, he's had a couple meetings with high profile leaders and the big test is going to be later today when he meets with the leaders of the g-7 nations, the goal ta they are behind him and ready to step up sanctions against russia if need be. already the u.s. has put sanctions on russian leaders but president obama has indicated
5:42 am
that he's ready and willing to do more if russia moves further into ukraine. in ukraine there's a lot of anxiety because russian troops are lining up against the eastern border and there's a lot of questions what are their intentions about whether or not they intend to come in and president obama made it clear he'll take additional fx they do that. so this is going to be a pretty important week as the president travels through europe. later this week she going to be in belgium where he will bring up the crisis in ukraine with nato leaders, hoping to find a diplomatic solution. back to you. >> before you go, what's the challenge with convincing european allies to increase sanctions on russia? >> reporter: you know, the issue is with a lot of these european nations, their economies are closely tied to russia in terms of trading, resource, specifically natural resources, so any sanctions against russia, that could have a big backlash on these economies which are pretty weak right now so leaders
5:43 am
are concerned and really trying to weigh the benefits of any sanctions in terms of how they could negatively impact these countries. that's going to be the challenge for the president moving forward. >> thank you very much. live from washington. nearly 530 people were sentenced to death in egypt in one of the largest mass trials. the group supported ousted president mohammed morsi, convicted of attacking police and killing a police man in riots in august. the riots were in response to a crackdown on two pro morsi camps which killed hundreds. attorneys say the sentences were way too harsh and could be overturned on appeal. >> the california energy commission says the amount of crude oil being carried by trains to the bay area has sky-rocketed. thanks to an oil boom in north dakota and canada. trains are carrying about 2.7 million gallons ever crude oil into the bay every day. state senator jerry hill says
5:44 am
that has him worried. he points to an accident in quebec. hill says california could not respond to a disaster of that magnitude. >> it's the response time, and the preparedness that we don't have in california. we're back in about 1980 is where we are prepared for. we can't deal with that volume. >> in 2011 there were 9,000 tank cars filled with oil brought into california from out of state. by 2016 the energy commission says that could reach 200,000 tank cars. 10% would travel through the bay area. the trains are operated by burlington northern sante fe railway and sum through solano and contra costa counties. >> a shipping channel is closed because of a massive oil spill. a barge collided causing 170,000 gallons to spill into galveston bay. these are live pictures. more help is called in to
5:45 am
contain the spill and also protect important shore bird habitat near the peak of migration season, the timing couldn't be worse. oil has been found up to 12 miles into the gulf of mexico and as you can see from this live picture, parked in the bay as many as 60 ships are waiting to get in or out of the channel. >> the long term damage from that we still could -- could take time for the cleanup. >> a lot of environmentalists concerned. >> let's switch gears, check our microclimate forecast with meteorologist christina loren. we're in spring and it was a great weekend to garden. now some rain. >> and quite a bit of rain especially in the north bay. that's good news. a lot of people are concerned about the drought. you know what, you should be. as you know we've had three unseasonably dry years and as we head into the next couple weeks we could make up some significant totals. we could take a big chunk out of that deficit of everything works out just right, and just a
5:46 am
moment from now i'm going to show you what i see. you can be your own scientist. you can make your own hypothesis and tell me what you think. i'm going to tell you everything i'm looking at is looking good for maybe 6 inches of rainfall in the north bay. temperatures are nice and chilly this morning but not too bad. you might be able to get by without the heater, throw an extra blanket on. you won't need it, we're going to end up in the 70s today. it's going to be nice. you can see what's happening out there right now. our winds are shifting. they are going to move on shore throughout the day. we're getting a little bit of an off shore flow competing in oakland. as we head throughout the day as that on shore flow increases all of those are pointing off the ocean inland and what that means is we will see clouds really start to increase this afternoon. fog rolls in, you're going to hit 66, the peninsula increasing clouds, 76 for you. mostly sunny right here in the south bay. beautiful condition. you'll notice the increasing clouds in the north bay. by about 3:00 p.m. today.
5:47 am
east bay at 68, lots of sunshine for you. and out in the tri-valley could not be better. 78 degrees, because the storm system is going to take its time. here's what we expect. we stop the clock tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., we get our first round of rain. and this is the weaker of the three systems that we're anticipating here in the bay area. so this one's pretty weak. sthet thing in motion for you, stop that clock by 1:00 p.m., bay area at that point getting pretty good shower activity and this will continue as we head into the week and this weekend, so you want to keep in mind it's a washout weekend. so, tuesday, 8:00 p.m., starting to get more rainfall, looking pretty good for a thursday. you'll be able to get outdoors for most of thursday. friday a little more of a break, i want to widen out, though, and show you what's coming as we get into this weekend. we tap back into that atmospheric river. this is what happened when we picked up the 12-inch total in napa earlier on in the month. we're looking really good for some decent totals out of these three systems.
5:48 am
you can see as i widen out on sunday we're still hitting that tap. that's great news. i'll show you what we expect as far as totals go on a map coming up in my next report. you want to count on a slick drive tomorrow. let's see what we're working with. here is mike. >> right now we're looking at a drippy drive for you. talking about the changes for tomorrow morning make sure the wipers are in good order. here we do have a nice build but we're looking at the map. we don't see a lot of slowing for our census. a typical flow. down to 55 at the worst as you pass by and approach out of livermore, westbound 580 as well as west 84, slowing as you come into the commute directions. no surprises for sunol, south 680 into the south bay with this route. northbound 87, 10 un, shows the build as well. things build up about quarter to 6 as it is at 5:48 now. that will build up again. south 17, slowing shows up at 60 miles per hour and no incidents there. i'll track that as well because that is a concern for some over the summit.
5:49 am
the both sides of the bay look nice. a little build north 101 into san francisco, from about candlestick park you see the build for the lights heading into the 281 interchange. as well as across the bay bridge from the toll plaza you do have flow increasing on the oakland side, the cash lanes are what's backing up. the fast track lanes have a good advantage. no metering lights yet. the east shore freeway at about 60 miles per hour. we get you back to the maps, what we're talking about as well as the approach. 24 had earlier slowing but it has sorted itself out. oakland a nice drive and richmond/san rafael bij. the issue is we have couple of earlier crashes and in orange here because traffic ond the weather systems are tied together. our road weather index says a chance for fog out of santa rosa. but more likely along highway 1, bodega bay. we call that out in case you are expecting any one heading through that area.
5:50 am
>> it's 5:49. santa clara county could be the latest to crack down on e-cigarettes. tomorrow the board of supervisors will consider a measure treating the devices like traditional cigarettes. specifically would be illegal to use the gadgets at all county buildings and within 30 feet of outdoor service area. they would be banned in county vehicles. they will be billed as a -- they are, rather, billed as a safer, cleaner way to get a nicotine fix. they are growing in popularity. several studies looking into the health risks are under way now. just last week san francisco leaders approved a similar ban. >> a proposed contract will keep hospital workers on the job. school officials and the union represents workers reached a tentative agreement. union leaders say the new contract includes wage increases, secure benefits,
5:51 am
staffing protections and pension reform. a vote will be up for this later this week >> sanford hospital could have to pay for violating privacy laws. stanford hospital and clinics along with a former contractor will likely pay more than $4 million to settle a class action claim. the claim says the hospital and the contractor allowed the medical information of 20,000 emergency room patients to be posted on line for nearly a year. under the settlement sanford will have to fund a two-year program to better train staff to protect patient records. >> san francisco's plan the focus after meeting. the proposed measure could add 2 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. the tax will raise prices. supporters say the tax could raise as much as $31 million per year for local health programs. the meeting will start at 6:00 at st. mary's medical center. >> possible new deal between comcast and apple up next.
5:52 am
>> thanks but no thanks, pablo sandoval turns down the latest contract offer from the giants. what he is holding out for. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness.
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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5:54. apple is reportedly in talks with comcast the parent of nbc universal for a streaming video service. this would allow apple set top boxes to get access with faster web speed similar to a deal that netflix struck with comcast. >> opening day coming up soon for the giants but pablo sandoval unlikely to have a new contract before then.
5:55 am
he rejected the offer this weekend a three-year deal worth $40 million. his agent says he wants at least five years at $90 million. the panda says he wants to put contract negotiations on hold until after opening day. >> the stanford women have a shot at getting into the sweet 16. they take on the seminole this is afternoon. stanford is looking for payback. in 2007 the seminoles stopped stanford from advancing to the sweet 16. could be sweet revenge. >> already advancing to the sweet 16 the stanford men. >> for the first time in six years. they up set new mexico and then the kansas jayhawks. the 60-57 win earned stanford a match-up against the 11 seed dayton on thursday. fans are excited. >> really excited. i think it's awesome. the team had an up and down
5:56 am
season. it's awesome to see them making ways in the tournament. >> it's part of the stanford character that has gotten them this far and i wish them all the success. >> we beat a very good kansas team. really proud of our guys. >> cool to see. exciting game. i think everybody is going to be tuning in to see what happens. >> exactly. check your brackets. >> what's left of them. >> all right. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. nice day on tap. >> yeah. warren buffett, that deal is off the table. nobody came close. good morning. temperatures are in the 40s right now. it's going to be a nice day. let me tell you. put things in perspective. tomorrow rain on the way. just about every day this week we have rain on the way. so today we're going to hit the high 70s, the low 70s around the bay, at the coast upper 60s for you. and then the rain moves in. i'm going to time it out coming up. if you are leaving your door here is mike. >> you're not the only one leaving now.
5:57 am
all of this is building north 101, i did see a set of lights on the shoulder. looks like it has cleared but we'll track that on the report. nothing there yet. the map shows the rest of the south bay moves through that area, just slowing toward 880. 5:57. 25 years later alaska still recovering after the devastating exxon valdez oil spill. >> a patient decides to find another way to the hospital after the paramedics start arguing with each other. what she is saying about the incident. >> we continue to follow breaking news after a commuter train goes off the rails in chicago, slides up an escalator. we'll hear from one of the people on board at the time.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the train climbed over the last stop, jumped up on the sidewalk and went up the stairs and escalator. >> an out-of-control train jumps
6:00 am
the track, almost lands at the ticket gate at o'hare airport. >> this is an extraordinary mystery. an absolutely baffling mystery. >> indeed. this morning the mystery deepens as more objects are found floating in the indian ocean but are they related to the missing malaysian airlines flight? >> seven people shot as bullets fly along a busy san francisco street. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you. you want rain? we've got a lot of it. i'll tell you if your city is slated to hit the inch mark or more just from the first storm. two more on its heels. so much to go over. >> you want cars, sorry, but we've got a lot of them at the bay bridge toll plaza, we've got a chunk of something in the road. we'll try to find out what and i'll show you where. >> taking a live look outside on this monday, march 24th


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